About the Show

Come and see who we are and what we are all about

Whats it all about?

The Great Middleton Park Show started in 2009 and has been growing in size and popularity every year since. The main organiser of the show is the Friends of Middleton Park, a registered charity run by local volunteers. We work closely with other groups including Leeds City Council, Groundwork and our ward councillors to ensure the ongoing success of the show.

Our first show was built around some founding objectives that  still remain as important now as they did then.
These objectives have now become the key values of our show.
To encourage all local residents to enjoy and take a pride in their community, their gardens and their park,  
by encouraging all people -including children- to garden, grow their own food and visit the park and its woodlands, 
whilst raising environmental awareness and encouraging local or homegrown consumption.
  1. Frances Jones
    Frances Jones
    Friends of Middleton Park Show Organiser
  2. Carole Bloom
    Carole Bloom
    Friends of Middleton Park Produce coordinator
  3. Martin Bartholomew
    Martin Bartholomew
    Friends of Middleton Park Show day organiser
  4. Rachel Darton
    Rachel Darton
    Friends of Middleton Park Arts & Produce coordinator
  5. Lynne Spirrett
    Lynne Spirrett
    Safety Officer
  6. Richard Barker
    Richard Barker
    Friends of Middleton Park Marquee coordinator
  7. Gayle Graham
    Gayle Graham
    Friends of Middleton Park Catering team leader
  8. Ellie Spirrett
    Ellie Spirrett
    Show Committee Volunteer
Meet The Team
The show is organised by a dedicated team of volunteers and local partners
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